Our Story

It might seem strange to speak of love when telling the story of a business. But what if love is exactly why you started it in the first place? The love of performance, of achievement. The love of competition and of the bond between teammates.

I created Serum Apparel at a time when small business failure, especially in the world of fashion, is a common tale. At a time when mass production "for cheap" reigns supreme and most athletic apparel has an engineered life cycle.

I do this because I love a challenge and I feel a kinship with people who do too. Because if I succeed, then I would have done my part in moving apparel manufacturing towards an environmentally conscious reality, and because vision and quality construction speaks for itself in both style and structure....also because I train hard af, and like to look good doing it.

The dream of a company where Sustainably Produced is more than a cool phrase in a company's About Us page but is, the business model and at the heart of every design decision, and every partnership with manufacturers.

The S|A promise is classic silhouettes made to an exacting standard of quality and craft, and the best customer service we can provide.